Stone Arch Bridge and Minneapolis Riverfront from Northeast Minneapolis vantage point


Northeast Minneapolis is an eclectic neighborhood with a mixture of arts, craft beer, and coffee. Traditionally a neighborhood settled by immigrants from northern and eastern Europe, there are modest restaurants and cafes that line the commercial blocks mixed in with numerous street corners that have a liquor store and bar on opposite corners. Increasingly, art studios, bistros, craft breweries, and coffee roasters are joining the mix as the neighborhood evolves and attracts new residents and passers-by.

Areas of Interest in Northeast Minneapolis

Northeast Minneapolis occupies the northeast quadrant of the city, containing the St. Anthony Main historic district directly across the river from downtown, as well as the historic Grain Belt brewery campus on the western edge of the community. The sheer volume of historic structures between these areas, as well as the beautiful Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine-style churches dotting the community, offers an array of places to savor the moment and a cup of delicious coffee from one of the many coffee shops in the community.